The Bush Defeat

The Bush Defeat
David Schlecht

Bush and the Republicans keep trying to paint the Democrats as the party of defeat. With enough money spent on lying and deceitful ads, America just may begin to believe it. But, let’s take inventory, here:

  1. Bush forces through tax cuts for the insanely wealthy in America so “Boost the economy”. Well, Bush and Friends, this is the worst economy that America has seen since the last Republican Depression. Failure! Bush defeats himself and America on the economy.
  2. Bush invades an unarmed nation, Iraq, saying we’ll be treated as liberators. Defeat! 5 long years and over 4,000 dead Americans and countless veterans destroyed for life, and no progress to date! Defeat for Bush and his Republican friends.
  3. Bush kills almost 1,000 American soldiers in his “Surge”, and promises that we need this just long enough for the Iraqi government to work out a deal. Well, here we are over a year later, almost 1,000 dead and no progress. Defeat for Bush’s Surge and for all those who supported the failed notion. Bush and the Republican Party of Defeat.
  4. “Take care of the businesses and they will take care of the environment.” We don’t need an Environmental Protection Agency. Bush has filled all the government’s agencies with failed managers, one failure after the next. America and the world are at the gates of hell on the environment and Bush promises that as soon as he leaves office, someone will clean up after him, just like in Iraq. Yet another defeat for Bush and his cronies.
  5. “Let’s privatize Social Security.” Fortunately for us, America already defeated Bush and his billionaire investment cronies or our social security would be down the toilet with the rest of the investments in Bear Sterns and the rest of the hemorrhaging investment companies. America isn’t that stupid, Bush! Chalk this up as yet another failure and another Bush defeat.

And the examples just keep coming and coming. Let’s not mention being defeated by Al Queda, N. Korea, Iraq paying for itself, being greeted as liberators, yes, it just goes on and on.

Republicans, The Party of Defeat. Now of course, they’ll try to paint everyone else as defeatists, but America knows the truth.