Gen. David Petraeus Betrays Us Again

Gen. David Petraeus Betrays Us Again
David Schlecht

How humiliating for America and for General Petraeus to be up in front of Congress selling George Bush’s Amway crap. When did this country stoop to the level of taking a decorated military general and parading him like some mini-skirted little elementary school cheer leader, singing, “Ra, ra, ra for Bush’s Surge”. How humiliating. Petraeus, how low will you stoop? There’s no question how low Bush will go to use the military as props for his propaganda machine, but a decorated general should really have some self respect.

When asked if we’re safer, now, Petraeus slipped into a full-blown all-points talking head for the administration spewing the endless line of lies and distortions parroted by the most ignorant of the bunch. When did our military become a tool for the president? Shame on you!

Just as importantly, though, I would like to know why our “Liberal Media” failed to even mentioned the obvious conflict of interest. This is such an obvious example of how our media is failing the American people. We need to reform our media and we need to retire generals who betray us.

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