What the Hell is Wrong with Hillary?

What the Hell is Wrong with Hillary?
David Schlecht

For all those rabid Hillary supporters out there, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I support Hillary. I volunteered for her more than once and have donated hundreds of dollars to her campaign.


I’m beginning to question that decision. It’s time to write another donation check and I’m not sure I want to send it to Hillary.

The Hillary camp has come to the possibly correct conclusion that they can’t win the nomination without using Republican underhanded tactics. With her approach that she will do anything to win, even take down the Democratic party, to do so, I worry about the money I donated.

If she can’t win the nomination without walking like a Republican and talking like a Republican and campaigning like a Republican, then maybe she needs to step down and let the best man win.

On the other hand, if she really is the better candidate then she can win on her strengths. By resorting to negative campaigning, she is admitting that she doesn’t have strengths to run on so she has to attack the strengths of her opponent.

This is straight from the Republican smear campaign’s playbook.

Hillary, I have supported you for years now, but it’s time for you to quit the negative campaign or most Americans, like me, will cease to support you.

What the hell is Hillary thinking? Is it okay to win at any cost? If so, then she’s just another Republican bent on personal gain and totally clueless to the harm she is doing to the party and the country.

Hillary, it’s time to stop the negative campaign. Run on your strengths or bow out gracefully. If you want to run a negative campaign, smear McCain, but don’t discredit a fellow Democrat. Show some self-respect now and you will be setting yourself up for a future win. Force the issue now and you not only hurt your country, but you hurt yourself.

4 thoughts on “What the Hell is Wrong with Hillary?”

  1. We’ve had plenty of good Democratic candidates but the Conservative-owned media has ensured that none of the real strong candidates got past the starting blocks. Imagine John Edwards not being in the race this far. Only a biased media and a sheepish public would disqualify such a strong candidate.

    Don’t take you eye off the real problem — Republican owned media monopoly.

  2. So, Bert, I’m sure you would be only too happy if the Democratic candidates avoided negative campaigning against Republicans while the Republicans launch a total blitz of the usual Swift Boat lies. Typical Republican ethics.

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