More Generals Betray Us

More Generals Betray Us
A Story of Illegal Pentagon Propaganda
David Schlecht

So, this week we find out that the Bush Administration has not only corrupted the Justice Department, but has been having retired military performing illegal propaganda against America. This is not only illegal, but in my mind, borders on treason. Yes, Bush and now our military betrays us. Where will this end? A real tyrant in Bush’s position could now easily take over the country and become our furor, our great leader, our dictator.

If we don’t do something about this now, we may find Bush unwilling to leave when he is voted out and the Corrupt Corporate Media will  just silently support it.

Why hasn’t the Corporate Media picked up this story with blinding headlines like, Illegal Propaganda Scheme Uncovered? Why? Because the Corrupt Corporate Media is as much as part of the problem as our mentally retarded president. What a team. GO TEAM!

The Corrupt Corporate Media will avoid this as long as they can and the only way Americans are going to find the truth is to turn off the TV and start reading their news online. Then again, many people are so stupified from years of Fox news that they don’t even care any more. “Fox doesn’t make a big deal of it so it must not be a big deal.”

It’s time to impeach! Or is it already too late?

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  1. Dave,
    Glad to see you’re exercising your brain and appreciating your first amendment rights. 🙂

    And when are you going to write that book about your unique computer experiences with wacky customers? No names, please, I don’t want to be known world-wide for my gremlins.

    By the way, I was doing research for my own blog and ran across this page:

    Not that you’re making any mistakes; I just thought you might find it interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  2. Hi Cindy. Thanks for leaving the comment and for leaving the link. I checked it out and must proudly admit, I got a 100% — I’m guilty of every one of them, some times many times in one sentence.

    Thanks for stopping by…

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