Personal Attacks Means They’re Right

Personal Attacks Means They’re Right
David Schlecht

Another relentless smear by the cult that has become of the Republican party.

Now McClellan get smeared, not for making up stuff, not for lying about this administration’s criminal behavior, but for being, well, McClellan.

This is the obvious and repeated approach when the criminal Bush Administration can’t argue the facts — kill the messenger.

But, still, with repeated witnesses and repeated facts reported of the Bush Administrations criminal behavior, there are still a handful of poor sick twisted people supporting the criminals. Why is that? Is it a cult? Is it a non-fact-based infatuation like the teenagers swooning over their favorite rock star?

It’s time for the cult to wake up and start seeing the criminal Bush Administration for what they really are — criminals, war criminals, and the rest of the the Republican politicians are guilty of aiding and abetting the criminals.

It’s time to break the spell!