Impeach Bush

Impeach Now
Impeach Bush
David Schlecht

Well, I’ve got to say I’m proud of Dennis! In 20, 30, 100 years from now, Bush will be looked back on as a disgusting mistake in America’s history. He will be viewed as the child-minded president. The man who the Democrats allowed to destroy so much of America. However, there is one valiant man who is willing to stand up and do his sworn job and is bringing articles of impeachment against Georgie the child presinet.

In 100 years all, (I repeat ALL) Democratic Congressional politicians of today will be viewed as complicit in this crime against America. They are all so busy worrying about their chances of reelection that they don’t care about performing on the duties they swore to execute. History will look at your family with the disgust that is deserving of those who aided and abetted the criminal president. Sure, the Democrats won’t be looked down with such aghast as will the Republicans, but there will be plenty of scorn to go around to those too lazy or selfish or frightened to perform their sworn duties. I’m ready to replace every stinking one of you Democrats who are failing in your responsibilities to protect this country from a renegade president.

Impeach Bush!