Telecoms Trying to Sneak Through Immunity Again

Telecoms Trying to Sneak Through Immunity Again
David Schlecht

Well, here we go again. The big businesses that think they own our government are sure they’ll get amnesty for their illegal spying on innocent Americans. Why will they get amnesty? Because they know how to bribe and threaten your government representative.

Get involved. Call your congress-person today — right now would be a good time, before you forget and before it’s too late. Here’s a good way to do it — MoveOn has a great way to find your phone numbers or e-mail addresses and a great way to keep track of your calls.

Stop for a moment and think what would happen to you if you were caught eaves-dropping on your neighbors or on your government. You would disappear to Gitmo — forever. What would happen to a corrupt industry if they did it? Well, Gitmo isn’t the answer, but legal recourse is. They should have their day in court, just like anyone else.

And, if they don’t have to abide by the same rules and laws that you and I do, what does that do to America? Are we really a Democracy anymore if corrupt telecoms get by with breaching our constitutional rights to privacy and don’t even have to show up in court?

We have to fix this today because tomorrow will be too late. Call today!