Heller in a Handbasket

Heller in a Handbasket
Dave Speck

I was going to title this, “Why does our Representative Dean Heller Hate Nevada” but it just didn’t have the same ring to it. But, why does he hate Nevada?

Dean Heller’s voting record has been consistently against the voters and for BIG BUSINESSS, even businesses outside Nevada.


Heller has been supported by Bush fundraisers. Why? Because Heller has supported Bush’s worst causes.

Heller even voted to support Bush’s veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.


Because he hates Nevada’s children, obviously. Who would vote to leave kids to die when they can be covered very inexpensively?

Obviously Heller does not have Nevada’s interests at heart, but he’s all for BIG BUSINESS.

Heller’s going in a handbasket, and hopefully, Nevada will come to their senses and let him go.

Check out more Heller’s Anti-Nevada Anti-American decisions.

One thought on “Heller in a Handbasket”

  1. There isn’t a single Republican politician who supports and represents the American people. They are ALL in the pockets of big business. It’s time to send big business to prison for buying influence. Then send in the Republican politicians to service their needs on their own criminal charges.

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