Dean Heller is a (fill in the blank)

Dean Heller is a (fill in the blank)
Dave Speck

The country used to view Nevada as The Trailer Park People. Well, no wonder. We’ve been voting for one stupid anti-Nevada anti-America Republican  after another for years now. Well, fellow Nevadans, join me in dispelling the myth that we don’t know what we’re doing or who we’re voting for. Vote Heller out and we can show that we do know the difference between our asses and a Heller in the ground.

Let’s see why YOU don’t want to vote for Heller:
Dean Heller is SILLY
Dean Heller is Worthless
Dean Heller Hates Nevada’s Kids
Dean Heller is Misleading
Dean Heller is in bed with Big Oil and Against Alternative Energies
Dean Heller is a LIAR
Dean Heller is wrong for Nevada

Let’s kick the bum out of Nevada!

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