The State of Our Nation

The State of Our Nation
Dave Speck

The Conservatives have been so successful at controlling our media that we’re actually hearing the poor unthinking followers saying that America is a Christian Nation. This outright lie could only be mustered up by immoral lying Christians and advanced by their unthinking media. Do yourself a favor and spend 5 minutes reading the declaration of independence or the Constitution of the United States and it’ll be painfully clear, America was conceived to be a secular nation and the founding fathers instituted numerous safeguards to ensure that it stays that way.

So, if you find yourself wanting to say, “We’re a Christian nation”, do yourself and your nation a favor and stop the lies.

But, then look at the McSame and Palin ticket. Palin is such a Religious Zealot that she can’t function as an intelligent adult, but she would serve perfectly as a religious nut with her hand on the Armageddon button.

McCain has slithered so low during this campaign, calling the presidential candidate across from him everything from baby killer to terrorist to liar. Looked in the mirror lately, hypocrite?I can talk that way, but our president should never!

And, if you tell yourself that this is just the way politics are played, you’re wrong. This is not the way America behaves and this is not the kind of people we even consider, for a fleeting moment, for public office, let alone the highest office in the land. I don’t believe that the average Republican is any more moral than the average Democrat, but why do you Republicans continue to back such awful examples? It’s certainly not because it’s in America’s interest.

Do you have no principles left after your Boy Bush? Have you given up on all hope of saving face or in fixing the considerable damage you and your party have done to this nation?

The Republican is going down in flames now that America sees for herself what the party really is.

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  1. A strong nation is one that can keep separate the functions of church and state. Yes, that was one of the primary concerns of the founding fathers.

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