Presidential Debate III

Presidential Debate III
David Schlecht

It couldn’t have been more obvious how different the two candidates are, with their campaign strategy showing on each sleeve. Obama wanted to talk about issues and McCain wanted to talk about Obama. Obama was specific and accurate (not to be confused with true), where McCain was all about generalities.

Go check out the word clouds for the debate. This tells a whole story in just two pictures. McCain’s most common words sorted by frequency were:

Senator, Obama, Going, America, Now, Joe, Need, Know, Think, Taxes

Obama’s most common words:

Think, Make, Going, Now, People, Get, Health, Want, Tax, Senator, Fair

2 thoughts on “Presidential Debate III”

  1. Did you notice Obama said Middle Class numerous times but McCain never once did. Is the middle class even in his vocabulary on ever on his mind?

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