Redistribution of Wealth

Redistribution of Wealth
Dave Speck

I’ve heard more Republicans chanting “They want to redistribute the wealth”, “they’re commies”.

How disgusting and deceitful to even consider it as a redistribution of wealth. But, since they’re already there, let’s look at it from a perspective of facts and history.

Thirty years ago (before Reagan-mortis started destroying this country), we had a big middle class and a low poverty rate. This means the rich weren’t the super-rich like we have today, but just stinking rich.

Now, the rich owns 90% of the wealth of the country and the middle class is losing ground and the poverty rate has skyrocketed. Yes, there has been a redistribution of wealth over the past 30 years. The rich have been stealing from the rest of us through lobbyists, and by bribing our government representatives. Now that we (America, by the way is we) want to stop the stupid policies that are destroying America and the middle class, the poor down-trodden super-rich are complaining that, “oh my gosh, you want to redistribute the wealth.”

I suggest that we start by returning the billions of dollars that have been stolen from hard working Americans. That is a redistribution of wealth back to where it rightfully belongs. Then, we can adjust the taxes so the super-rich start paying their fair share again and they start paying the working Americans what we all know is fair. However, adjusting the taxes back to what used to be fair isn’t a redistribution of wealth.