Governor Gibbons and Conservative Stupidity

Governor Gibbons and Conservative Stupidity
Dave Speck

Now that America is beginning to realize, AGAIN, that Conservative economics are not only wrong but blatantly stupid, Nevada’s Gibbons is still trying to privatize as much as he can and make his buddies rich before anyone in Nevada grows a brain.

Well, considering that the brain-less Nevadans voted him in to office even after it came to light what a lousy person and representative he is, I’d say the brain-dead get what they deserve. Unfortunately, those who know better and who really do care about Nevada will suffer too.

Why doesn’t the local press report on Gibbon’s crony privatization scams? Are they just too inept or are they criminally involved? Not a peep.

Much of the Mental Health system in Nevada has been privatized and not a peep. The state’s mail system is being privatized and not a peep. A BIG part of the DMV is being privatized, the production of licenses. Ah, but not a peep from our press.

No wonder Nevada can’t make a decent political decision. The voters are being kept in the dark. It breaks my heart to see the state that I love suffer for so long with this Conservative poison, and without a real news media, it’ll be a long time before we can expect to see a change.



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  1. Don’t feel bad about Nevada. There’s still a state that has you beat. Kansas still things Obama is Muslim. Is their media failing them as well? Obviously.

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