America Needs 60 Democratic Senators

America Needs 60 Democratic Senators
Dave Speck

The past 4 years of Republican minority in the Senate has lead to the most obstructionist Senate in our lifetimes. Their strategy was simple (what else would you expect from the GOP?). Obstruct as much as possible and then at the end, turn around and blame it all on the Democrats. Gosh, sounds like the typical Republican strategy for any year, doesn’t it?

However, with a Democratic president, this is their plan ten fold. The plan isn’t to help America, but to do whatever will help their party. This party of immoral thieves has got to shut their doors and the only way that will happen is if America kicks them out. They will always have enough money to come back because there are many wonderfully successful Americans who want it all and want you and me to have nothing, and they will pay big money to make it happen. Look at the greedy who continue to support the Republican party knowing it’s been the cause of EVERY thing going wrong with America today.

The party of fear, the party of hate, the party of division and derision, the party of intolerance, the party of immorality. Yes, it’s time for America to remove their sorry butts from the seats of power.

The rich won’t rule America any longer. We are all America. Vote the crooks out.