Republican Morals?

Republican Morals?
Paul Johnson

Keep Abortions Safe

Explain to me, please. What kind of person would vote for a political party that wants to both outlaw safe (comparatively) legal abortion and force these poor girls to the back alleys? What kind of person would support such a party, especially when that party makes the unwanted pregnancy epidemic worse by refusing to teach kids about sex education? And, what kind of person would prefer all these and even want to teach abstinence only education when it’s been proven over and over not to work?

Imagine someone in the 21st century voting like this and the rest of the educated country failing to confine those to mental institutions. That must be some seriously backward country.

Did you vote for these Republicans? Shame on you! How could you? I know you’re not that foolish to think that this will somehow reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies or the number of abortions. Nobody’s that stupid. There must be some other reason why you were lured into this mindset. What was it? Please tell me. And, please tell the rest of America that you’re sorry and you better pray that your voting for the monsters didn’t lead to a single death of a poor uninformed girl with no other options than to carry the unwanted fetus to term.

Shame on you.

I’m sure there must be some excuse for this behavior. We both know that it’s not a spiritual decision because there’s nothing in the bible, any holy book, that forbids abortions. Someone’s been using you.

If you support such a party, don’t insult Jesus by saying you’re Christian. Jesus would pity you as much as I do.

So, please tell me, what caused you to support such a monstrosity of a party.

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