What’s Next for the GOP?

What’s Next for the GOP?
Paul Johnson

I would say that we Americans have learned our lesson when it comes to Republican Trickle Down Economics, or as others put it, Reagan-mortis. We’ve experimented with making the rich stinking rich in hopes that they will trickle on us some of the love.  After 30 years of waiting for the trickle, our economy and our middle class are in dire trouble. But, will the snake oil salesmen quit selling the poison? Of course not, but here’s what they’ll do.

The GOP is getting ready to throw McCain under the bus and explain to each other that McCain wasn’t a “REAL” conservative.  Rather than admit that there might be something wrong with The Free Market, they’re all blaming everyone else, and when they can’t blame anyone else, they’ll start blaming each other for not pushing the snake oil poison even harder.

Many in the Republican party hope to bring the party back from disaster, but the fanatics have a mighty strong hold on the party and they don’t think they did anything wrong so they won’t change on their own motivation.

What do you call it when someone refuses to learn from his mistakes? Bush? Maybe not, maybe it’s just the America’s contemporary Conservative. And, as the earlier post by Dave goes, there’s still money in that party to continue to try to sell the poison to those of us who continue to listen to them.

I predict that we’ll see the current Conservative, Free Market, Trickle Down fools refusing to relinquish the reigns of the party until there’s nobody left to vote for them. But they will go to their graves explaining how everyone in the parade is out of step but them.