Another Nazi Germany

Another Nazi Germany
Dave Speck

We Americans generally don’t like to discuss this issue very much for fear of being labeled a fanatic, but it’s time we seriously looked at it.

How close did America come to being another Nazi dictatorship?

Very close, and the risk isn’t over. There are still millions of Americans (does Alaska and Stevens ring a bell?) that will gladly destroy America to advance their own political cult. Unfortunately for America, the Republican cult is merging with many religious cults. When it’s party over the country (Alaska, you listening?) it’s not American, it’s a cult, a sick and very dangerous cult.

I don’t expect to change the minds of those too wrapped up in the lies to see straight, but I’m hoping that most of America can begin to see the tremendous risk the Republican cult poses to a free America.

One of the best treatments for cult worship is education. That’s probably why the Republicans are trying to destroy our school system with Creationism and school vouchers.

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