Congratulations and the Media

Congratulations and the Media
David Schlecht

Congratulations America for stepping back from the cliff. America has given the Democrats a clear mandate to reverse course and clean up the unprecedented mess the Republican have made of this country. Good on you, America.

The damage is everywhere and much of the damage is self-propagating. Take the press and the media as an example. America will never know the extent of the problems or how or even if it’s fixed if we can’t get the straight truth from the media. Looking at the pundit lineup on the major news channels on election night showed so blatantly how broken the media is.

The first thing we have to do is fix the news media. No more corrupt corporate news media, period. That is the only solution to this.  Small local news outlets with a charter to provide a service to the country is the only news outlets we should allow.

We all know that they hold the education of the voters in their hands and they will wield that power any way that best suits them, so it won’t be easy fixing this, but nothing will get done without it.