Congratulations Nevada, Better than Alaska

Congratulations Nevada, Better than Alaska
Dave Speck

Yea! Congratulations, my fellow Nevadans, for turning Nevada blue. There is hope for our great state after all. Alaska? What’s wrong with you?

Nevada voted in a Republican governor who was under investigation for numerous unethical scandals. Now that the state is all but bankrupt, we are beginning to see how stupid that choice was, and we still have years to go before Gibbons is through.

But, compare that with Alaska. Imagine voting in Stevens, a convicted criminal, to the Senate. Alaska, did you do that because you like America? Was that for America’s benefit?

What kind of sick people will vote for a known crook to govern them? Really patriotic of you Alaska. What ever happened to your state? I remember Alaska being real and honest people with serious principles. What happened to you? I guess it comes with being so blinded by the Republican media machine that you can no longer think for yourselves.

Wake up Alaska.

One thought on “Congratulations Nevada, Better than Alaska”

  1. Thanks, Alaska, for pissing in our pool. Did you think Stevens only represents Alaska? He represents all of America if he’s a Senator. Clean up your crappy pants before entering the pool next time.

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