Rights for Some but NOT FOR YOU

Rights for Some but NOT FOR YOU
David Schlecht

Proposition 8, banning gay marriages, and tarnishing (not defending) marriage, has passed in California. Here’s why.

The Obama vote has brought out record numbers of minorities, the blacks and Hispanics, specifically. Both of these cultures are either homophobic or susceptible to the foolishness of their church. These points have been documented and proven repeatedly, so I won’t waste my time repeating it here.

So, if we imagine for a moment a class of people who have been discriminated against for generations feeling that it’s okay to discriminate against others, it’s just unimaginable.  Wouldn’t you be able to rise above your phobias and a misguided church edict and put yourself in the shoes of those you’re voting to strip rights from?

Under most circumstances, I’d say yes, you can. But why didn’t you?

It appars obvious that the “Gay Marriage” issues wasn’t presented in a light that really makes sense. This isn’t a Gay Marriage issue but a civil rights issue.  This isn’t a Protect Marriage issue but a Feel Holier than Thou issue. Why do we get so USED by people preying on our emotions? We need to avoid and suspect all those who prey on our emotions.

Besides, with the millions, nay BILLIONS of tax dollars the churches are stealing from us, the only thing we ask of them in return is to remain out of the political arena. Well, since they’re not holding up their end of the bargain, I suggest that we charge the churches involved in this campaign back-taxes and remove their tax-exempt status. A deal is a deal and if they don’t stick to the deal they have with America, the deal should be off.

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  1. Something else to notice is that the opponents of Prop 8 received their donations too late in the game. They were caught off guard as the Mormon church steam-rolled over their rights. Yours are next. Embrace the coming Theocracy and the next Dark Ages while the fools hasten and wait for the second coming that ain’t gonna come.

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