The Center Right

The Center Right
Dave Speck

I’ve heard this stupidity repeated over and over in the “liberal media” today. America is “Center Right“. Let me start by saying, how STUPID! What? Are you deaf and dumb?

The Center Right Republicans just got their hat handed to them, their desk cleared out and their walking papers in hand. America doesn’t want your Center Right bullshit any longer. You’re fired. Don’t you understand? You’re outta here! Do we need to call the police to remove you. Be gone!

America has said, in one of the most vocal and obvious ways possible that they have had enough patience waiting for the miracle of the Greedy Free Market and tired of waiting to get getting trickled down on by the sickeningly rich. You’re Fired! Get it yet?

It’s time for the Corrupt Corporate Media to pretend like they’re really reporting the news and fire the blatantly ignorant who keep spouting this garbage.