I’m the NRA and I Vote

I’m the NRA and I Vote
Dave Speck

We’ve all seen these bumper stickers. It just smacks of stupidity. Why would people support an organization that would prefer that criminally insane people have high power automatic weapons rather than having to endure a registration process.

Why do so many morons want to risk the lives of all of us with unrestricted access to weapons? Is it because so many of them know that they lack the knowledge or maturity to successfully register a weapon?

I saw another bumper sticker, today, that made me laugh. It read,
“I’m the NRA and I’m a Moron With a Gun”.

I’m all for the freedoms that our government was designed to defend, the freedom to own guns and the freedom to experiment with whatever plants or chemical compounds I want.

But, only a moron would want mentally handicapped people with loaded automatic weapons wandering the streets, just so they don’t have to prove they have what it takes to own a weapon. Morons. Listen, all of you who support the NRA. And, it’s about time the NRA started supporting legislation that kept weapons out of the hands of the sick, immature, (yes, I’m referring to those red-necks with rifles mounted in the cab of their pickup trucks), and dangerous.

But, the NRA never will, because, “I’m the NRA and I’m a Moron”.