The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within
Dave Speck

I just got a new old book from a used book sale, “The Enemy Within” by Robert Kennedy. If he only knew how strong and powerful the “Enemy” has become in these few years since his death.

Today, America has voted in a new president-elect, Obama. This wasn’t just a typical election, but a roaring defeat for the Republican brand. America has said they’re sick and tired of failed Republican rulers and we want to get back to the original founders’ intent of having representatives instead. But, the Republican Party, through their mouthpieces such as Limbaugh, are actively crying for Obama’s impeachment.

Think about that for a moment.

America has voted for a president and a certain political party is bent on subverting the wishes of the American voters by impeaching their representative before he even entered office. What does that say about their support for their country?

I did a Google search, today and found over 1.5 million web pages spouting Impeach Obama.

Can you imagine? 1.5 million sites out there hell bent on destroying America’s free and fair election process. They want their king in power or nobody.

1.5 million. This isn’t just some fringe anti-American group, this is the Republican Party. Just listen to their spokespeople. They are all so hateful of America that they want it destroyed if that’s what it takes to be back in power.

It must be an awful embarrassment to be a Republican these days.

And, don’t think for a moment that it’s not the Republican party. If they objected to this, they would discourage it, but instead they endorse it.

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