For Want of a Real Media

For Want of a Real Media
David Schlecht

Two friends of mine, who happen to be conservatives,  were defending the position that Fox is fair and balanced. These two are otherwise intelligent people. If they can be convinced that up is down and black is white then imagine what the less intelligent viewers think. Marketing works and will get otherwise smart people to do really stupid things. Hummers, Cigarettes, MS Office, e-mail Spam, you name it, and there are people that will fall prey to the marketing. Marketing works. If you hear Charles Manson tell you enough times that he’s Jesus, you’ll start to believe it, just like his other followers did.

Gingrich, today, was spewing some of the most vile poison imaginable about the majority of America. If we had a real media, they would be all over it and Newt would be a has-been. But, instead, the Corrupt Corporate Media bring him on as a true spokesman. I can see that Fox would do that, but if we had real media, the rest of the industry would expose them for the anti-American hate mongers they are, but they just play along. Even news providers that are labeled Left Fringe have Conservative liars that are allowed to spew lies and half-truths without being called on it.

Without a REAL media, America has no chance of surviving this downward spiral we find ourselves in. What ever happened to the motto, United We Stand? Obviously the Republican party has abandoned it for “Hate the other guy”, “Smear the other guy”, “The other guy is the enemy”, and even “Kill the other guy.”

But even the Republican Party wouldn’t be able to get away with this hateful, harmful swill if it wasn’t for the Corrupt Corporate Media giving them a big pass, and in may cases, encouraging it, all for the sake of a few extra sales.

We need to reform, and split up, the media, and we need to do it today, for tomorrow may just be too late for America.