The Death of America’s Free Press

The Death of America’s Free Press
David Schlecht

The New Yorker has an article about the pending collapse of America’s Free Press. This isn’t really anything new or surprising, but it a bad thing for our country.

When our country was created (barely more than 200 years ago) our forefathers knew how important it was to have a well informed pouplace and even made it a point to ensure that the news would be free from government manipulation. When the Fox Propaganda station became the mouthpiece for the Republican Party, it became the antifhesis of what our forefathers intended.

As more and more of our local newspapers have been gobbled up by national corporations, their thrust and their natural bias has been toward big business and away from the interests of the workers. This bias has turned away the majority of their readers, in search of a more honest and reasonable reporting.

We have even had laws that pretect the truth in the news and even has tried to ensure that two points are presented for any position, no matter how foolish. Now, with the newspapers dying and propaganda outlets like Fox News becoming our only source of news, we’re becoming an uneducated and illinformed populace, the opposite of what our forefathers wanted.

The Internet has become a news source for many, but it is too unregulated to be reliable. Drudge, much like Fox’s Hannity is not only biased but so often wrong that the readers, like Fox viewers, are fooled into a false sense of reality.

It’s time for America to find a solution to this problem, and the sooner the better. Should we regulate Online News outlets and blogs? Should we offer financial incentives to local media outlets? Should we leave it to the “Free Market” and the Corrupt Corporate Media to continue on this obviously wrong-for-America path?