Impeach Bush

Impeach Bush
David Schlecht

Impeach Bush

It’s natural for us Americans to be so sick and tired of the failed Bush Administration that all we want is to be rid of him, but it would be very unhealthy for America to let these criminals get away without so much as an investigation.

We don’t know if they’re guilty, but they have all admitted to criminal acts from ordering torture (while lying to us about it) to outing a huge CIA under-cover operation with the release of Valerie Plame’s identity. It’s time to investigate.

We can’t continue to allow one Republican president after another to go unpunished. It only encourages more presidents to push their limits, the limits our founding fathers put into the constitution to prevent this kind of activity. So, what’s to stop Obama from becoming even more of a tyrant than Bush, knowing that Americans are all a bunch of panty-waists too afraid or spineless to pursue justice. The best way to ensure future criminal presidents is to fail to prosecute when we have reasonable evidence to suggest a crime. And, I’m talking about a real crime, here, not concentual sex in the White House. I’m talking about treason and federal crimes like spying on the opposite political party and on the average American family.

It’s time to impeach! Shirking our duty, regardless of which party we support, would deal a huge blow to the future of America.

Impeach Bush NOW!