Oh No, Liberal Commies want to Redistribute Your Wealth

Oh No, Liberal Commies want to Redistribute Your Wealth
David Schlecht

That is what the conservative parrots keep screeching. Liberal Commies want socialism.

For anyone who has been paying attention, we have been experiencing wage redistribution since the Reagan years. Just look around you. The middle class has lost over $4,000 per year in spendable wages over the past 30 year. The number of families in poverty has skyrocketed. All this time, the wealth has been redistributed upwardly with the top 1% of our population hording 90% of the wealth in the country.

This isn’t the way it was 30 years ago. We have had a major redistribution of wealth upwardly and the economic meltdown is a major symptom of this.

Yes, most Americans want things to go back to a reasonable distribution.  But, the top 1% are doing everything they can to keep the money flowing out of our bank accounts and into theirs. I guess billions of dollars just isn’t enough for some people as long as someone else isn’t yet starving before them.

It’s time for America to take back their economy and stop listening to the billionaire corporate media telling us how it’s communism to expect them to share with us the millions they are making off our labor.

We need to redistribute the billions of dollars that have been stolen from the workers and stolen from the coffers of our government. It’s time to re-implement the 90% tax rate on all income over three million dollars, and make it effective today.

That, my gentle readers, is the only way out of this depression.

Next post, we’ll discuss the impact credit cards have had on the current financial meltdown.