100 to 1

100 to 1
Dave Speck

That’s the number of zombie Republican sheep that are calling your representatives objecting to the stimulus package. The democrats won a huge landslide¬† in the last election but your representatives think you (YOU) don’t want a stimulus package because all they get are calls complaining about it.

We can’t let this happen! Call your representatives right now. If it’s too late at night, call anyway and leave a message. Then, call back tomorrow during the day. Let them know the 100 ignorant callers aren’t really representing the majority of the country. Call right now!

2 to 1:
That’s the number of Republicans interviewed over the stimulus package compared to the number of Democrats. Now, why do you think that is? It’s because of the “Liberal Media” obviously.

With only half as many Democrats talking on the TV and radio about this, no wonder the general population is losing confidence. Call or write your TV stations and newspapers and tell them to get more of a balanced crew.

How can the general public get enough honest information to make informed decisions when the media is owned by Conservatives? We need to object.