More of the Same

More of the Same
David Schlecht

The Republicans in Congress marched in Nazi-like lock-step against any form of reform to get us out of the mess that their past 30 years of failed policies have caused.All they can do is keep chanting the same slogans that we Americans mistakenly fell for in the past, hoping that we’ll all be too stupid to realize it. You should be asking yourself why a political party would elect to continue failed policies that have us in the brink of the next Great Depression, in lock step, rather than considering trying something new.

There’s not a single Republican representative that doesn’t know that continued “feed the rich” policies will decimate the American economy and destroy the vast middle class. Since they know it will make the rich richer while destroying American middle class, they obviously want to destroy the middle class. This couldn’t be any plainer than what we see today.Yes, we’re on the brink of total melt down and they want more. They’re not worried about what it will do to our society. In fact, they hope it destroys the America we have grown to know and love in favor of a new America run by the Oil Industries, and the poisonous Peanut butter companies.

On top of that, they know that if we get through a jobs package that saves our economy they will be revealed for what they really are, bankrupt. However if they can obstruct any sort of economic relief by poisoning the bills with their failed tax cuts for the oil companies, then when they fail, the Republicans can say, see, Jobs Programs don’t work, and lets go back to destroying the middle class.

Again, we have to ask, what kind of political party would do such a thing? Only the Republican Party!