Stay Involved

Stay Involved
Dave Speck

You can’t help but be impressed, watching the news, today, to see that the adults are back in charge.

Obama goes to Canada and gets cheered and applauded and appreciated, where Bush was protested.

Clinton goes to Asia and America is, again, revered and respected. No more Bush protests there, either.

Yes, America, the Republican politicians poisoning our country have stepped aside, begrudgingly, and let the adults take control.

Does it feel good?

Congratulations, America.

Now you want to see some meaningful changes in our country? Then stay involved. Write your representatives about everything that matters, write to your local newspapers and TV stations. Stay involved. And, remember to contribute, no matter how small, to organizations that make a different. May I suggest MoveOn? Freedom From Religion Foundation? People for the American Way?

Stay Involved.