The Republican Corporate Media

The Republican Corporate Media
Dave Speck

I recently took a road trip across the country and listened to as much AM talk radio as my stereo could pick up and here’s what I found. You can go from the east coast to the west coast and pick up vile Republican talk radio in every city along the way but can only hear Liberal talk radio in about five percent of the cities.

Considering that Conservative Talk Radio lost money hand over fist for the fist decade, and many of the most vile broadcasters are still losing money hand over fist, and considering that Liberal talk radio is very profitable where it’s broadcast, it makes me wonder why.

Obviously it’s the damned Liberal Media out to get, us by looking like it’s not really the Liberal Media that’s the problem.

Funny how the “really intelligent Republicans” still believe the “Liberal Media” lie. It doesn’t take much to be a Republican. Just like believing the rest of the Republican lies like Global Warming Denial, WMDs found in Irak, and the rest of the “Intelligent Republican” memes.

So, America, we all know what’s wrong. Now, how do we fix it? I’m not much on censoring the stupidity, but there has to be some sort of reason on our public air waves or the really stupid will continue to be stupeed and vote stupid and before we know it, we’ll have another 8 years of another Bush.

Write your newspaper and complain when you see stupid biases and write your TV when you see stupid, and write your representatives and say you want our media fixed RIGHT NOW!