The Liberal Lie Machine

The Liberal Lie Machine
Dave Speck

Let’s imagine for a minute that there are three classes in America, the elite, the working class elite, and the working poor. Just imagine that there is one working poor, and two multi-millionaire elite class. The numbers sort out to thousands of elite for each poor worker. This counts most of the lower and middle management as elite. I know. It sounds bazaar, but stick with me.

Now the greatly under represented poor decide they want to change the mostly successful economy, after all, the vast majority of Americans are now ultra rich. Well, they can’t explain to the huge successful majority that the system doesn’t work because obviously it does. They can’t express that everyone should just be poor and abandon all the things that are working for the vast majority.

So, what do the Liberal Poor do? Well, of course, they need to start a liberal lie campaign to convince all the rich people how much they hate being rich and how much they wish they were poor. It goes without saying that it would have to be a very successful media campaign and it would take many years to finally get people changing, but marketing campaigns have done harder sells than this. The trick would be to divide and conquer. Start by indoctrinating the rich larvae in schools explaining how miserable it must be for their parents to be so happy all the time.

The important point to note is that this campaign will only work if they can lie well enough and long enough and loud enough to finally get people wanting to change, to despise and abandon their success.

Alright, now, let’s reverse the roles. Let’s say the numbers are the real numbers and there are thousands of working middle class and poor for each one ultra rich CEO. For the most part, the system was working as the middle class was growing each year and the number in poverty diminishing, as it was before Reagan. Obviously, if more people are getting a couple more dollars in their pay checks, the CEOs must be having to share their success with the workers making them rich.

Okay, now, how will the ultra rich manage to convince everybody that the system isn’t working? Obviously it is, since the vast majority of people are dong better with each passing year. It would require a major lie campaign, just like the earlier scenario. You have to tell the people that “the government isn’t working”, even though it is and everything is getting better. The lie campaign would have to express that everyone should have the same greedy morals and goals as the richest of the elite, and that nobody should ever want to spend tax dollars to help each other.

Ask yourself, now, what reason would the liberal majority want for creating a lie campaign against the rich? There are no reasons, none, period. If the vast majority are doing better, they don’t need to lie about anything. There’s no incentive to lie, just let things take their course.

Imagine now, what a lie campaign would look like sponsored by the ultra rich minority. There would be plenty of dollars to spend on buying up radio stations and cable news stations and pumping out the endless lies. There would be constant effort to get more representatives-of-the-rich in teaching positions. There would be plenty of money spent on “think tanks” that figure out how to spread the lies and to make them look more like truth to the unsuspecting. In our current climate, what need is there for the workers to fund think tanks? The truth is obvious. It doesn’t need to be dressed up like a pig.

This may seem like a nightmare, but it’s the world we find ourselves in, today. The ultra rich are funding “think tanks” that are designed to dress up the pig and to find ways to fund more media, like Fox and Conservative Hate Radio. And the sad part is that they are winning the war. More and more unsuspecting are succumbing to the aggressive media, lie campaign every year.

Without the lie campaign, we wouldn’t have abandoned the safeguards that were put in place after the last great depression to save us from suffering another. Without the lie campaign, we wouldn’t be acquiring the national greed-is-good mantra of the greedy rich. Take a moment and Google the Conservative Think Tanks and you’ll see that they’re funded by the ultra rich. Ever wonder why? Check it out:

  • The Heritage Foundation
  • The Cato Institute
  • National Center for Public Policy Research
  • The Manhattan Institute
  • American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research