More Examples of Our Broken Financial System

More Examples of Our Broken Financial System
David Schlecht

My last post on the three big problems with our financial system addressed major issues that are realm of government policy. But, there are many other broken pieces of our financials. We will look at a few that are more within our control,  yet we let them get out of control.

  1. Do you look at the stock market or the Dow Jones or Nasdaq to get a feel for how the economy is doing? If so, you’re brainwashed like the vast majority of us. If you’ve been paying attention, you have noticed that usually when the unemployment rate goes up, so do the stock markets. Why? Well, obviously, the economy being good for the greedy corporations means that they can get cheaper labor. So, when unemployment goes up, it’s better for the greedy. It’s not a better economy for the huge majority of Americans. In fact, usually as the stock market goes up, the health of the economy goes down.How can this be? Again, let me explain that the health of the economy isn’t the health of the 1/10 of 1% of Americans who are multi-millionaires. It’s the health of the remaining 99.9% of us that matters. Someone has been lying to us telling us that stocks are the yardstick by which we measure the economy.  What really matters to Americans (yes the 99.9% of us) is how labor is doing.
  2. When was the last time you read about how labor was doing? It’s been years since I’ve seen a “Labor” section in any newspaper. Let’s see, 99.9% of us care more about labor than stocks but newspapers don’t even have labor sections any more. But they all have Business section. Is there any question why we’ve lost touch with what matters to America?
  3. Unemployment figures don’t even give us a decent yardstick of measuring the economy that matters to America. Our Conservative politicians, Republicans and Democrats, alike, have been lying to us about our employment numbers. We’re looking at 11% unemployment in Nevada. But that’s not a real number. The number of homeless has skyrocketed. These are people no longer on the unemployment roles. What good is a number that doesn’t include unemployed people?The numbers are also jacked around to show military personnel as employed. Actually, getting paid to get shot at isn’t a living. Why would presidents mess with the numbers and hide the real truths from us? Because it makes them look good. We need to get outraged when we catch our representatives messing with the figures that we need in order to evaluate the health of our economy.

Start asking for a Labor secrion in your newspapers, the dead-tree and the online versions. Start demanding that we get real numbers from our government. Get outraged when they start to get slimy and start cooking the books.