More Fun With Our Financial Meltdown

More Fun With Our Financial Meltdown
David Schlecht

The latest word from our “Masters of the Universe” running our banks into the ground is that only they can fix this since the rest of us are too stoopid.

Well, I have one thing to say to these “masters”. Hello? We stupid folks aren’t the ones who caused this. We really shouldn’t be relying on your crooks to fix it.

It’s plainly obvious by now that the big cause of all this mess is that they spent over six BILLION dollars over the past 10 years to bribe our representatives into removing the safeguards that our grandparents put in place to save us from another Great Depression. It really is time for us to begin criminal investigations into what went on and how this happened. Obviously paying this kind of money to lobby our government so they can make hundreds of billions of dollars while we tax payrers pick up the pieces is not just morally wrong but is most likely criminal on many counts.

Here’s a great interview by Rachel Maddow regarding this. You’ll want to watch it.