Biden Appeals to G20 Protesters

Biden Appeals to G20 Protesters
David Schlecht

Yesterday, America’s Vice President, the representative of the free world, appealed for calm and patience while the G20 “tackle the economic crisis.”

Why are our representatives (notice I didn’t say leaders) so ignorant to the fact that the G20 is an indication of the problem? The G20 is not the solution. The solution is to enable labor and fix the working conditions of the people of the Earth — all the people. The G20 get together to figure out how to make industry more profitable and this comes at the expense of labor and at the expense of the living conditions of the people of the Earth.

Why don’t our representatives realize this? Because big business has their ear, but the rest of us just quietly work harder and harder increasing our nation’s Gross Domestic Product while letting the greedy businesses take more and more of the profit. It has to stop. This, Mr. Biden, is the problem. The G20 is the problem.

Make the G20 more like the Labor20 and things will improve overnight and the people will quite demonstrating and rioting.

4 thoughts on “Biden Appeals to G20 Protesters”

  1. Actually, the G20 is represented by businesses. How many labor leaders are in the meetings?

  2. Nonsense. He’s not there for the unions. If he’s not for the workers, he’s for the businesses. He is there to address the economy and the way he has elected to do that is to prop up the criminal banks and the criminal bankers. He is not there for the workers!

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