What’s With the Thomas Paine Lies?

What’s With the Thomas Paine Lies?
David Schlecht

I’ve seen numerous posts over the years questioning the sickness of unending deceit coming out of the Republican Party. Today is no different. Why would any political party want to lie about the political leanings of one of America’s Founding Fathers?

The new video out pushing the Tea Party features a Thomas Paine impersonator. I just don’t understand why a party would choose one of the more progressive forefathers and make him up to look like he would, in some remote way, support what the Republican Party stands for.

There is no question that the Republican Party relies heavily on the failure of their followers to question their motives, or to even possess a grade school education.

Thomas Paine was for taxing the rich, and ensuring that aristocracies don’t take root in our country. He was all for “stakes” which were his program for scholarships which would be given to the young to allow them to get educated and start businesses, by taxing the rich.

For those who didn’t pay attention in elementary school, the Tea Party was really a revolt against big business, with the name of The Honorable East Indian Trading Company. It was a revolt because this mega-corporation, like Wal-mart, was given unfair tax breaks that threatened to destroy New England’s tea houses. It was a revolt against all the things the Republican Party stands for.

Thomas Paine wrote extensively about building a social safety-net, like Social Security, to protect the people. Check out Rights of Man.

Simply put, Thomas Paine was for all the things that this Tea Party is against. The purpose of this Tea Party is to revolt against taxes on the rich, the same taxes they were paying before Reagan screwed up our country. Thomas Paine was for estate taxes. Yes, those exact taxes the organizers of the Tea Party are opposing.

The billion-dollar families in America have united to create the Tea Party and they’re relying on the ignorance of the Republican followers. How can they expect such stupidity? Well, because they haven’t been let down, yet. Will they this time?

5 thoughts on “What’s With the Thomas Paine Lies?”

  1. Another bizarre personality trait of the dwindling Republican hanger-oners, is their refusal to learn. I’ve offered educational material to my Republican friends numerous times only to be turned down. “Don’t distract me with the facts.”

    It’s really quite sad.

  2. It’s really sad that the repug party has deserted America and even more deserted their followers. It’s the party of big business and billionares and and the party against the working class America.

  3. I say let them eat cake. They deserve to be marginalized after screwing America like they have.

  4. But, you know if we did away with political parties I would be happy, but we have a two party system and that means we need to real parties. I hope they can clean up their party and start contributing again to the political process.

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