America’s Coming War With the Right Wing Radicals

America’s Coming War With the Right Wing Radicals
Dave Speck

Three news reports in the past year bring light upon the dysfunction of the American Conservative Movement. Three times in the past year Conservatives has taken up arms against the scary Liberals. Before that, we had Waco, Oklahoma City, and even Columbine. There are numerous more cases that don’t even show up in the news as Conservative Attacks against America, because the news is afraid to paint it in that light, lest the Right crucify them for it.

Today the Department of Homeland Security warns us that Right Wing Radicals are recruiting our military veterans for the coming war. The greatest internal threat of violence against America is the Conservative party. The Right is going crazy trying to get the DHS to take it all back. Rather than asking their radicals to stop preaching hatred and violence, they’re in full blown “hide the truth” mode.

Now, tell me, how many scary Liberals have attacked Americans because of the political views of the attacker or the victim? Zero! Even the radical groups like Green Peace use peaceful demonstrations.How many Liberal Hate Radio stations are there? Practically none. None successful. What are the most successful Conservative shows? Hate Media. It’s that simple.

Today the Conservative Hate Media is chanting kill, kill, kill, and their mobilized zombies are rushing to the ammo stores to stock up on their Librul Killing Buddies. Ammunition and weapons sales are at an all time high. Why? Obviously it’s not because the Liberals are planning on murdering Conservatives, but rather, the weak-minded followers of the Conservative party are arming themselves for the coming war with Librul Amerika.

The rest of us Americans (yes, the huge majority of us) can complain all we want but the problem won’t go away until Hate Media is silenced. We are way past the point of comparing this to yelling “Fire” in a theater. This Hate Media is already proving to be causing Conservatives to murder their neighbors. Hate Radio and Fox must be silenced.

I’m not for censoring anything that isn’t already against the law. I’m for enforcing the laws that we already have that forbids media from insiting violence.

Will America’s Conservatives recognize this as a problem with their media and put a stop to it? Of course not. Never will happen. The vast majority of the Conservatives would never believe that the problem is with them. Heck, there’s still 20 some percent that think George W Bush was anything but a criminal. Talk about blind alegance to a party platform. Party before Country! The Republican Motto.

9 thoughts on “America’s Coming War With the Right Wing Radicals”

  1. I have more than a few conservative friends and they’re not all crazy, but those who aren’t hate driven are certainly not your typical conservative.Some are just gullible.

  2. Most interesting post.

    Although there are many differences, I believe there are more similarities than the political parties would like to admit. We all want an efficient but strong government and none of us are afraid to pay top dollar to get the best government in the world. We all (well, all except the radicals) want us all to get what we want in life and in our government. None of us want sick and dying neighbors thrown out in the streets while the billionaire bankers and pharm execs make even more money. There are more similarities than the press would like to admit, as well. Perhaps it’s time to reinvent the press while we’re at it.

  3. The Republican party sure demonstrates lots of unsuccessful social characteristics like greed, hatred, intolerance, hypocrisy, aggression… These aren’t natural human tendencies, but weaknesses cultivated by their leaders.

  4. Surely you’re not claiming all republicans have this illness. Oh, by the way, you forgot the anti social behavior of inappropriate fear response. It’s easy to get them all scared up about nothing.

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