Mankind’s Exemption from Evolution

Mankind’s Exemption from Evolution
David G. Schlecht

I once had a dear friend explain to me that she believed in evolution but didn’t believe that mankind was subject to it. In my naivety, I poo pooed the notion that we could somehow be blessed with some magical powers endowed by our creator. Today, I must apologize for my failure to believe in the answer because of my discomfort with the delivery system. CLW, are you there?

Today I heard a discussion on the radio regarding the “ultimate goal” of evolution. Of course, this implies some magical forethought (or Intelligent Design) rather than a simple system of selection. But, still, what is the final phase (ultimate goal) of evolution? The final evolutionary phase of any successful species is to evolve beyond the reach of evolution. Let me explain.

All around us we see species mutating and dying off. In fact, last count I read was that we are seeing the extinction of hundreds of thousands of species every decade. Most of this is due to the success of the human race. Species that don’t do so well around humans (like many birds, wildlife like lions, ocean dwellers like dolphins) are all dying off. Species that coexist well with humans, like cockroaches, flourish.

Studies show that when a species’ parents are unhealthy (such as those under environmental pressures) they have a higher rate of birth defects. In other words, mutations increase as the species’ environmental fitness reduces.

Environmental fitness changes as the environment changes. As the environment becomes more alkali or more acidic, or more rich in oxygen or more rich in carbon or methane, the species may become less well adapted and thus experience more mutations. With the increased mutations, there is a chance that a random mutation may cause the offspring to be better adapted to the new environment and thus have a better chance of surviving, reproducing, and spreading the new, better characteristic (mutation).

I’m not talking evolution, here, but just describing what we all see around us every day. You may call it natural selection, or evolution, or God’s will, or the coming of the X-Men.

We see species change around us all the time. Just look at how good mankind has become at breeding dogs. Man made the different dog strains, not evolution. However, in the time that we’ve seen numerous breeds of dogs come and go, we’ve seen mankind stay exactly the same. There are no discernible genetic differences in mankind’s genes in our entire species’ history. We see different mixes and matches but no mutations allowing the offspring to better adapt to the environment.

Why is that? Why has mankind not evolved since we first began keeping records?

Mankind is reaching the pinnacle of evolutionary perfection. We are becoming such a well suited species that there are few mutations and none of the mutations create better suited offspring. Did God make us this way? Who knows. With no witnesses alive today to testify and no reliable history books from the dawn of mankind, your guess is as good as mine. And what’s more, what does it matter?

The better adapted a species is to its environment, the less control evolution has over it. This means that the “ultimate goal” of evolution is to produce a species that perfectly matches its environment. Of course, when it does, the environment usually changes.

The Power of “NO”

The Power of “NO”
David Schlecht

The heights of the mountains is a measure of the depths of the valleys. We couldn’t have one without the other. Or, as Kahlil Gibran says:

The selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.

If life is nothing but pain or nothing but bliss, then it’s nothing at all since we have nothing to compare it with. A sick and deluded parent that can never accept or appreciate the joy provided by a child or spouse can never make a good person. In fact, it’s is a downright sick and scary person who is always the person incapable of accepting anything or seeing the good in anything.

You’ve probably already guessed, but, yes, I’m referring to the Republican Party. No matter what the majority of Americans do or what Obama proposes, it’s never acceptable, in fact, it’s downright evil according to the Republican Party.

A sick and deluded party that is incapable or refuses to see the good offered by others is a sick party indeed.

If the Republican Party wanted to admit, once in a while, that they were wrong or stupid or criminal and that maybe occasionally the Democrats were right or good or beneficial for America, just once in a while, then we would all find some value in their positions. But, when it is just “no, no, and more no” then it’s nothing. There’s nothing to compare it to and there’s no value in the misinterpretations.

Remember after 9/11, all of America came together and supported Bush. Would the Republicans ever find a reason to back a Democrat? If they can’t support America, then what are they? Do they really belong in American politics?

The last time the Republican Party was this destructive, it was named the Whigs and it went away.

Republicans, I beg you, please take back your party! Kick out the monsters and kick out the extremists and the terrorists and prosecute your criminals. Turn off Fox and your Hate Radio and bring a viable party back to the negotiating tables and to America’s politics. We need two parties at the very least. We need you! Take your party back!