The Power of “NO”

The Power of “NO”
David Schlecht

The heights of the mountains is a measure of the depths of the valleys. We couldn’t have one without the other. Or, as Kahlil Gibran says:

The selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.

If life is nothing but pain or nothing but bliss, then it’s nothing at all since we have nothing to compare it with. A sick and deluded parent that can never accept or appreciate the joy provided by a child or spouse can never make a good person. In fact, it’s is a downright sick and scary person who is always the person incapable of accepting anything or seeing the good in anything.

You’ve probably already guessed, but, yes, I’m referring to the Republican Party. No matter what the majority of Americans do or what Obama proposes, it’s never acceptable, in fact, it’s downright evil according to the Republican Party.

A sick and deluded party that is incapable or refuses to see the good offered by others is a sick party indeed.

If the Republican Party wanted to admit, once in a while, that they were wrong or stupid or criminal and that maybe occasionally the Democrats were right or good or beneficial for America, just once in a while, then we would all find some value in their positions. But, when it is just “no, no, and more no” then it’s nothing. There’s nothing to compare it to and there’s no value in the misinterpretations.

Remember after 9/11, all of America came together and supported Bush. Would the Republicans ever find a reason to back a Democrat? If they can’t support America, then what are they? Do they really belong in American politics?

The last time the Republican Party was this destructive, it was named the Whigs and it went away.

Republicans, I beg you, please take back your party! Kick out the monsters and kick out the extremists and the terrorists and prosecute your criminals. Turn off Fox and your Hate Radio and bring a viable party back to the negotiating tables and to America’s politics. We need two parties at the very least. We need you! Take your party back!

7 thoughts on “The Power of “NO””

  1. We don’t want to change our party. Opposing your communism and socialist agenda is the right thing for my party to be doing.

  2. It would be disasterous for this country to have only one party, regardless of what party it was. Perhaps both sides need to learn to work together and to compromise for the good of the nation.

  3. Until the Republican party steps away from the ledge, there is no positive outcome from negotiating. You don’t negotiate and compromise with someone so far outside reality. Torture? Wanting America’s president (and thusly America) to fail, condoning war crimes, condoning terrorism against clinics and doctors, the list just goes on and on. You don’t start negotiating from such a sick and broken platform. Until Republicans bring their party back into reality, I don’t want America to bargain with them.

  4. The Republican Terrorist party. I agree. There is no place in America for a group that closes their eyes to the religious radical terrorists in their party. We don’t negotiate with terrorists.

  5. You mean compromise with the Republicans like Obama did with the stimulus bills? Obama screwed the stimulus in order to bring the Republicans on board and not a single one of them voted for it. No compromises and no negotiations with the criminals. Vote them out and be done with them. They don’t belong in today’s America.

  6. We;ll meet the war criminals half way and that will be good for America?

  7. The Republicans still have plenty of followers and always will as long as the conservative media feeds them. There is no hope of us fixing the stupidity until we can get some truth back in broadcasting.

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