Republicans and Presidential Signing Statements

Republicans and Presidential Signing Statements
David Schlecht

Let me get this straight. Eight years of Bush signing statements circumventing the purpose of Congress and not a single Republican representative objecting. Eight straight years of prostrating themselves to a criminal president and not a word.

Now every republican in Congress is opposed to signing statements.

There’s really no way to spin this. It’s obviously party over country when it comes to the morally devoid Republican Party. It doesn’t matter what harm the president does as long as he’s a Republican but oh, no, we have to stop the Democrats at every opportunity.

Ensign was ranting and raving about Clinton having an affair but now too corrupt and crooked to step down for the same crime. The Republican Party is so far out of touch with the American people that I wonder if they will ever be believed or trusted again. Personally, I find it frightening.

By the way, I’m seriously opposed to signing statements and have voiced my opposition here and in letters to the president and to my representatives. How many Republican voters did that about Bush’ signing statements? Not a single one.

What does all this say about the Republican voters? It means that many if not most of them are as slimy as their representatives. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad for the country, as long as my president is the one making the singing statements. It doesn’t matter if he’s having an affair and neglecting his duties, but boy if it was a Democrat, all hell would break loose.

We will never see the Republican Party with less than 25% approval rating because of all those party-first folks, as long as it’s your party. It’s a sad sad statement about the party.