Bernie Sanders on YouTube

Bernie Sanders on YouTube
David Schlecht

This is great news. For anyone who questions the quality or integrity of today’s medai, you can see “America’s Senator” uncensored. Not a Republican and not a Democrat, and best of all, not CORPORATE CORRUPTED MEDIA.

I’ll be watching him on Mondays. You should to.

Issue August 08, 2009

New media is revolutionizing the democratic process by placing it in the hands of the American people, and Bernie is leading the way.  “Senator Sanders Unfiltered” is a weekly video featuring your questions and Bernie’s take on the economy, health care, global warming and other issues. The senator is partnering with Brave New Films to release the five-minute online show. “We are honored to partner with Senator Sanders. It is important that we as Americans have direct access to voices that are truthful, dauntless, and unapologetic. ‘Senator Sanders Unfiltered’ is going to provide that access,” said Robert Greenwald, the renowned film director and producer.

To watch the trailer click here. Check back on Monday to watch the first show.