Fair and Balanced

Fair and Balanced
David Schlecht

This one is no surprise to most of our readers, but there’s always a few that don’t realize just how corrupt Fox News really is. In the health debate, Fox has given air time to six times more anti-health care reformers than supporters. That’s not even close. How blatant? How can anyone stand to watch this channel when they know it’s distorting reality? Well, of course that was a rhetorical question. I’ll tell you.

Because they don’t know any better.

If you watch Fox news you believe that Americans are against health care reform, six to one. They so quickly forget that last November, America voted resoundingly for health care reform. This, my friends, is what’s called “the dumbing down of America”.

Would you think it was a conspiracy theory if someone were to tell you that the boards of directors for almost all America’s major corporate (corrupt) media contain the same people on the boards of directors for the medical industry? Check it out. You’d be surprised.

Maybe that’s why the media isn’t doing their job in presenting a fair and balanced discussion of health care reform. You don’t even hear anyone talking about single-payer health care, the one approach that would benefit America the most.

Fair and Balanced? Unplug the corporate media. Turn them off and start watching Bernie Sanders on YouTube.