United We Stand

United We Stand
David Schlecht

If you are anything like me, you are more than a little upset at the gradual deterioration of the American standard of living. I have a small fraction of spendable income that I used to have just 10 years ago, not to mention 20 years ago. We’re seeing our income dropping and our expenses, especially our medical expenses, skyrocketing.

If things continue like this, the average American will be bankrupt, even without suffering a major illness for which he thought he was insured.

The disparity between the rich and the rest of America has grown to levels not seen since the robber-baron era, bringing the last Great Depression. Last check, the 90% not at the top have to share only 50% of the country’s wealth and just 10% gets all the rest. We’re all just becoming serfs for our lords.

Our government appears to be less and less capable of performing the simplest of tasks. Our roads are nothing but pot holes, our highway taxes used to pay for our highways that are now becoming toll roads. When do we get our tax dollars back so we can feed the blood sucking toll booths?

The demand for gas continues to fall but the price keeps going up. Why aren’t people going to jail for this crime?

The list gets longer every day. And, Americans are getting fed up. But, fed up with what? So few people have the slightest clue what is causing this mess so they don’t know what to attack. One media says it’s the stinking Liberal Commies, another says it’s the illegal aliens, and a third says it’s our government’s fault.

Nobody is given the real reason, today.

Don’t think this is by accident. Those responsible for our current mess are getting rich off of the mess and are doing everything they can to prevent us from concentrating on the problem long enough to fix it. There’s always something new to get the people excited about. “Obama’s Death Squads” is the latest diversion. These culprits are experts at keeping us distracted from the real problem that we can’t focus our energies on fixing it.

Americans are getting fed up! But will we find the right place to focus our anger in time to fix it?

Do you know why the rich keep getting richer while you and I keep getting poorer and poorer? Hint: It’s not the death squads. It’s the multi-billion dollar corporations and their owners who are sucking us dry and distracting us from seeing it.

America’s health care is insured by only 7 corporations, all colluding against us and against our government. That’s not enough, but this industry is now exempt from anti-trust laws, if anyone was enforcing them, anyway. America spends over $2.5 trillion on health care every year, and these insurance industry leaches are skimming off bigger and bigger sums while leaving us, their insured, to die, uninsured due to pre-existing conditions. How many times to you hear about that on your TV news? How many times do you hear about the effects of disparity of incomes in America on your news channel? How many times do you hear about your neighbors losing their health insurance on your network news?


Well, face it, the billionaires have been quite successful at keeping you excited about anything but the real cause of our problem. It’s THEM!

United we Stand!

The ultra-rich have such a strangle hold on our government that it will take the Republican and Democratic parties coming together to clean out this corruption. As long as they have us fighting against each other, we can never fight against the real problem. And, they have done such a great job of getting us to blame each other rather than blaming the real villains. The problem isn’t each other, it’s the Corporate Elite and their Corrupt Corporate Media.

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