Health Care

Health Care
David Schlecht

It’s time to get serious about national health care. A couple thoughts:

  1. Just say NO to co-ops. They can never compete with national insurance agencies. Without the competition, there’s no need for the insurance agencies to improve or to stop their killing for profit.
  2. Allow everyone to buy into Medicare if they want to. Yes, it’s already run by the government and run with a 3% overhead. United Health just paid their CEO, Dollar Bill McGuire, $1.7 Billion. Can’t beat that for waste. How many people had to die to pay for that?
  3. Call your representatives and the White House today and call often.

4 thoughts on “Health Care”

  1. I’ve heard that most national insurance companies have a 25-50% overhead in order to pay their execs millions and millions of dollars. Medicare is 3%.

  2. Medicare or even ObamaCare won’t turn people away to die just for profit. Have you seen

  3. A memo leaked from the Coal industry indicates that they intend to piggy back on the astro turf corporations behind the tea baggers and the health care opponents.

  4. Check out the lies coming from the Republicans. It’s amazing that they are so disingenuous, deceptive, dishonest. The lies are all disproved at media matters:

    MYTH 1: There is no health care crisis
    MYTH 2: Health care reform will impose rationing
    MYTH 3: Health care reform provides for euthanasia, “death panel”
    MYTH 4: Health care reform legislation will cover undocumented immigrants
    MYTH 5: Health care reform will raise your taxes
    MYTH 6: Health proposals would tax all small businesses
    MYTH 7: Health care reform would add $1 trillion-plus to deficit
    MYTH 8: House bill would ban private individual insurance
    MYTH 9: Obama said he didn’t read House bill
    MYTH 10: Co-ops are an adequate substitute for a public option
    MYTH 11: Obama is pushing a system like the U.K. and Canada
    MYTH 12: Obama, Dems pushing “socialized medicine”
    MYTH 13: Prominent opponents of health care reform are credible
    MYTH 14: Government can’t run a health care program

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