Media Misinformation

Media Misinformation
David Schlecht

This is truly amazing. I would say unbelievable but, well, it’s totally believable.

In our poll, 72% of self-identified FOX News viewers believe the health-care plan will give coverage to illegal immigrants, 79% of them say it will lead to a government takeover, 69% think that it will use taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions, and 75% believe that it will allow the government to make decisions about when to stop providing care for the elderly.

Do these viewers realize they’re being lied to? How could they not know? They must just play along. More examples of the dumbing down of America.

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12 thoughts on “Media Misinformation”

  1. This is so not news. These same statistics came out over the lies surrounding the Iraq war in 2003. Fox lies and has been lying for years. Get over it.

  2. This is a real trap for the poor people that watch this garbage. They hear the other, real statistics and don’t believe them because they don’t jive with what they believe on Fox.

  3. And, today, 53% of Republicans surveyed, not just Fox viewers, say they believe there will be death squads for the elderly. Can’t someone do something about all the lies?

  4. Odd that 35% of your survey, myself included, watch Fox news. In my case it isn’t the primary source. Let me take up just one of your misconceptions: that the health care plan will cover illegal immigrants. Your implied claim is that it will not. However, explicit exclusion of illegals was ruled out of the House plan (the only one formally in existence as far as I can tell) by Nancy Pelosi. So given the history of benefits creep… how can you not believe that illegals will gain coverage. Visit an ER.

    Not everyone will consider coverage of illegal immigrants wrong, but such coverage will certainly impact cost a very great deal, and most Fox viewers realize that Democrats are proposing health care reforms that, by the White House’s own estimate, will add 1.3 trillion dollars to a deficit already reaching 7.1 trillion dollars. How does this not affect everyone’s health care?

    1. Terro, we’re already paying for the illegals at ER prices, as you admit. Let’s reduce our costs by covering them at regular prices, or better yet, imprison employers who encourage them to come to America, illegally.

      We, as a people, are already paying X dollars for health care. All we want to do is reduce the price by taking the obscene profits out of the system. So, yes, taxes go up but our bottom dollar expense goes way down, and we end up with more spending money at the end of the month. Being scared of taxes isn’t the way to build and maintain the world’s greatest country. In most industrialized countries in the word, today, higher taxes means more spendable income at the end of the month. Don’t be afraid of taxes. Be afraid of obscene profits and insurance industry death panels.

  5. Are you serious: “higher taxes mean more spendable income at the end of the month”? The “obscene profits” you speak of in health care are roughly 3%; that’s a fairly small percentage, but I grant you a large absolute figure. It goes to share holders who invest or spend it.

    And the profits fund innovations in the system, something less likely to happen in government care by the simple static bureaucratic nature of the beast.

    However, government will need to plow money into health care… and that money will come from ever increasing taxes, and if this money ends up in someone’s pocket, he has to be working for the government. (Note the growth in public employment despite the recession: for example, some 1200 people hired to administer “Cash for Clunkers.” That’s a great opportunity for those 1200, but not for the rest of us who will pay the tab.)

    1. It is really quite elementary. Consider two scenarios. 1. This month you spend $500 in taxes and $1000 for medical insurance, that is $1500 total. Next month you spend $500 in taxes plus another $500 for national health care. That gives you an extra $500 spendable income at the end of the month.

      Scenario 2 is even more important. This month you spend $500 for taxes and $1000 on insurance and end up in the hospital and the insurance company refuses to pay and you deplete your life savings, sell your house, and file bankruptcy. Next month you have national health care and can see the doctor without fear of being screwed by greedy insurance corporations.

  6. Pay close attention to this post. It’s something you will be seeing more of over the next year or two. During the rise of Hitler, Germany was wrapped up in what is called “nationalism”. This is the process of elevating ourselves by demonizing others.Over the next two years you will see a marked increase in the Republican party’s use of this to energize their troops. You will see them demonizing liberals, which they’ve been doing for decades now, but you will see more demonizing of the “others” like Hispanics, Muslims, Socialists, and other boogymen. Hatred and fear are big motivators. The Latinos are taking our jobs, the Mexicans want health insurance, the Liberals want to kill Republicans with Death Panels…

  7. Terro,

    Thank you for your comments.

    You seem to have missed the point of the post. Do you believe the line about death panels? My post does not imply that we won’t cover illegal aliens, just that America does not propose a bill that covers them and most Republicans think we do. One who does not have a handle on the facts cannot be expected to come up with the right conclusions, and someone is seriously trying to ensure that you do not have all the facts.

    Medicare has a 3% overhead. The profit-based pay-or-die insurance policies average over 30% overhead and many with overhead into the 50% bracket. Again, how else do you think they can pay their CEOs those astronomical fees?

    I think perhaps someone is keeping the facts from you.

    One last point, innovations in the pharmaceutical industry is paid by our tax dollars. Innovations come from university grants. Greed is not the source of innovation and in a moral society is not the driving force behind health care.

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