Single Payer Health Care


Single Payer Health Care
David Schlecht

The number of lies coming out of the insurance industry’s full court press against health care reform is mind boggling. After hearing one or two of the really obvious lies, you would think that the average American would just tune them out. But, no, it appears that with each new outlandish lie, they mange to snare a small percentage of unwary. Given enough lies, they’ll have everyone convinced, at this rate.

You hear about how bad all the rest of the world’s health care is and how wonderful ours is. However, these lies fail to point out that America has the worst infant mortality rate, one of the shortest life spans, in other words, the worst medical in the modern world. Since it’s by far the worst, you would think that we must pay the lowest in the world, but, again, no, we pay almost double what the next highest system pays and triple what most countries pay.

You hear how everyone in the other countries just hates their socialized medicine and would love nothing more than to change back to America’s Pay-or-Die system. But, no, it’s just another lie. No system is great and everyone will admit that their system has problems, but none of the other countries want to give up their health care and go back to corporate run health care.

In fact, America currently runs two socialized medical system and does it quite well. The VA is true socialized medicine where the hospitals and doctors are run by our government. This system has the highest percent of satisfied customers. Second is Medicare. Again, one of the most well run systems in America. This is the same as single-payer health care. Sure, it could be fixed. First we have to fix the mess that the Republicans made of it over the past eight years. But, it has run quite successfully for decades.

Way down the list of satisfied customers is the commercial pay-or-die systems. People may hate it but they’re afraid to changes after hearing all the lies coming from the insurance industry. Ask anyone who has filed a claim just to find that they’re disqualified because of some trumped up “pre existing condition” if they love their health coverage.

The vast majority of personal bankrupsies in America are due to health disasters, and more than half of all those people were actually covered by insurance, or at least they thought they were. Do you think you are? Ask them how much they love their health care system. Now ask someone who has never needed to use their insurance. They’re probably pretty happy with it because they’re still under the mistaken impression that they’re actually covered. More lies.

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  1. You have to admit, the medical industry has been awfully successful at scaring the crap out of the rest of us when it comes to health care coverage.

  2. I’m a government employee and compared to private insurance, mine is wonderful, but it could be better. The worse private insurance gets, the worse mine gets.

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