We Can’t Afford to Wait Vigil in Reno

We Can’t Afford to Wait Vigil in Reno
David Schlecht

There will be a Health Care Can’t Wait Vigil at the Reno Thompson Federal Building in Reno this Wednesday. Check it out here

It’s time for everyone to get get motivated and start showing up at these events. Otherwise, our elected representatives will think, and rightfully so, that we don’t care. And, if we don’t care, and the blood sucking insurance industry does, who do you think will get the better deal?

Be Strong. United We Stand. Show up!. Wednesday, 6:00 pm.

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4 thoughts on “We Can’t Afford to Wait Vigil in Reno”

  1. Not a bad turnout, but it could have been soooo much more – both with turnout and media coverage.
    The older woman down on the corner with the Obamacare sign was a scream. I interviewed her and the response was typically the uninformed rant that they’re getting on talk radio, Rush and Beck’s shows.
    She actually told me she had never heard of people being denied health coverage.
    You can’t fix people like this.

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