Stopping Obamacare

Stopping Obamacare
David Schlecht

I went to a health care rally the other day and came across a woman holding up a sign saying “Stop Obamacare It’ll bankrupt the country.” I had a short visit with her and here’s what she said.

I asked her what Obamacare was and her answer was a typical uneducated sheeple reply, “well, I dunno. Whatever Obama’s shoveling.”  When I explained to her that Obama didn’t have a health care plan that he was endorsing yet, she didn’t care.

“It doesn’t matter. No matter what he ends up forcing on us will be bad for America.”

This interchange so well exemplifies the Republican opposition to Obamacare. If they use the term, Obamacare, they obviously don’t have a single clue that they’re talking about. But more than anything, it demonstrates that the Republicans aren’t opposed to one plan or another, but just plain opposed to Obama. They don’t want health care to fail, they want Obama to fail.

I don’t know a single Democrat who wanted Bush, America’s worst president, to fail, we were all hoping that he would actually do something good. We hated his foolish and destructive policies but we weren’t opposed to America’s president.

The Republicans are!

How can you love your country and secretly hope your president fails? It’s a serious sickness, brought on by the right wing media. And we have to address this illness as a nation or we will never ever get past this.

4 thoughts on “Stopping Obamacare”

  1. There are kooks on both sides. Just pointing them out is not a slam dunk that one side or the other is wrong.Heck, I know there are communists out there who are frothing at the mouth to take over America.But that doesn’t mean the whole democrat party is that way.

    1. Do you really believe that? Haven’t you been reading the news? Wake up and take back your party. The kooks (17% of your party), as you call them, are doing the bidding of the corporations and the Democratic party is leaning that way too, now. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll work to clean up my party and you work to clean up yours. Of course, that means first you will have to quit denying the obvious problems.

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