The Trouble With Acorn

The Trouble With Acorn
David Schlecht

Acorn has been in the news a lot lately. For those who don’t know what Acorn does, they’re an organization that works to help the poor and disenfranchised get access to help, and that includes helping them get out and vote. This from their website:

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is the nation’s largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities

Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?

The Republicans have been trying to shut down this organization for a long time. You should ask yourself, why. What is so sinister that a political party would be so afraid of an organization intent on helping people? But, forget that for now. Let’s look at their current troubles.

Recently, a few employees of Acorn were caught offering advice on starting questionable businesses when they were asked. The organization has no interest in helping people start questionable businesses and it’s not a service the organization provides.

So, for whatever reason the Republicans hate this organization, they are using this opportunity to try to shut them down. They’ve even passed a bill to prevent disreputable businesses from doing business with the government with the primary effort to halt any funding to Acorn.

Now, here is the problem I have with this. Halliburton has defrauded our government out of millions of dollars and have been convicted. Blackwater has defrauded our government and has been convicted. In fact, most of the military industrial complex, at one time or another, has been found guilty of defrauding our government.

Remember when we lost BILLIONS of dollars over in Iraq and absolutely no one knew where it went?

Where were the Republicans all this time? They were out there passing laws making it illegal for us to investigate the fraud. Yes, indeed, they really care about unethical businesses. Not!

Yet, here comes an organization that has a purpose to help the lower and middle class and the Republican party is all over it like flies on, well, swill.

Why doesn’t this hypocrisy make the average Republican nauseous? How can these elected Republican swine not get sick on their own putrid ethics? How terribly misguided are those who continue to vote in the swine.

This is another example of how the Republican Party is a disgrace to America. Republicans, it’s time you took back your party. We need to work together to save our country, and this is where we should start.

7 thoughts on “The Trouble With Acorn”

  1. Quit saying we need to take back our party. The democrats are doing the same thing. They’re all corrupt. Only, at least the republicans have morals.

    1. Actually, no. The Democratic party is not doing this. They aren’t perfect, that’s for sure, but they are on a completely different plane than this. As the post says, this is disgusting for any political party. Quit voting for the ethically deficient!

  2. I find it terribly revolting. The lower and middle class Republicans hate the lower and middle class. That is what you call drinking the kool aid. The Republican party plays on their ignorance. Shame on them!

  3. It seems to me that Acorn is synonymous with “black people” to Republicans. What other reason would they be so opposed to Acorn? The ones who aren’t racist just shrug their shoulders and ignore it failing to realize they should be pushing back and cleaning up their crooked party.

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