Did You Know?

Did You Know?
David Schlecht

Here is some interesting trivia regarding America’s past.

  1. Near the beginning of the our drive to independence, our founding fathers had a tea party revolt and dressed up as natives and dumped millions of (today’s) dollars worth of tea in the bay. This was a revolt against a corrupt corporation who had their taxes decreased so they could put American tea houses out of business. Got that? A revolt against greed and against corporations. You see, the Honourable East Indian Tea Company (one of the world’s first corporations) had become so influential that they were able to affect English legislation regarding their trade practices.
  2. None of Americas founding fathers were stinkingly rich and none left financial legacies. Most of the founding fathers were middle class Americans. Some were a little better off and many were a lot worse off. None were what we would call corporate greedy, like today’s corporate greedy. In fact, from #1 you can see that they were opposed to unrestrained greed.
  3. The upper nobility left America during and after the revolution, moving back to England or to Canada. Again, this is more examples of the fact that the founding of America was for a more equitable and just country. In fact, if you spend a few moments reading over the Declaration of Independence, you will see  equity and fairness as a fundamental theme. America is based on equitable and fair access to the country’s riches.
  4. Welfare is referenced in our constitution, not once, but twice. Imagine that! The desire to help one another is a fundamental part of our founding documents. We’ve all read the words, “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Nowhere does our constitution make any special references to greed or free markets or free commerce. Nowhere! Why? Because the country was founded on being of, by, and for the people, not the corporations.

The very first congress provided welfare funds to help the needy. Got that? The very first one.

So, when you hear someone tell you that Welfare is illegal, it’s time you realized either they’re really that stupid or they’re purposely lying to you.  Helping one another was and is a fundamental American responsibility. Today, you hear all the stinkingly rich cry about having to repay to a society that has given them so much. For some reason, “greedy” and “selfish” just don’t seem to do justice to this kind of person.

If you hear politicians proclaiming that we need to reduce the size of government, it’s time to evict them. A strong and happy society has a strong and effective government. Those who want to do away with this don’t want America to follow the dreams of our founding fathers. Vote them out! When you hear Reagan say the “9 most terrifying words”, you should be disgusted in his ignorance.

4 thoughts on “Did You Know?”

  1. Yes, this is very interesting. Big business has us all buffaloed. It is very unamerican to not want to help your neighbors but the rich sure don’t want to be involved in it.

  2. How can we ever straighten out all the lies coming from the rich? I was under the most distinct impression that our founding fathers wanted a free economy.

    1. The entire concept of free market is that business are allowed to get a big as greed will let them and that is big enough to pollute government. Look at the few countries around the world with free markets and they are all corrupting their governments. That is what free market means.

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